ROSEBERRY Item Information

Anna Sui Roseberry 2-Week Silicone Hydrogel Contact Lenses

Part of the Anna Sui Contact Lenses Collection for Anna Sui Vision

Evoking an image of a secret garden where lovers beet at dusk behind an ornate palace gate, ANNA SUI ROSEBERRY is a lavish and romantic design created to make every girl feel like a princess.

Part of the collection launch of Anna's new contact lens line in South Korea, ANNA SUI ROSEBERRY is inspired by her whimsically feminine fashion lines - the lens patterns feature romantic rose motifs.

ANNA SUI ROSEBERRY is designed exclusively for South Korea and produced by a Korean FDA approved manufacturer, the exclusive ANNA SUI contact lens collection is manufactured using phosphorylcholine soft contact lens material that's hydrophilic and UV-protecting. The lens features a dual-layer coating processes and the most stringent internationally recognised quality-control methods, this premium cosmetic contact lens collection provides enhanced comfort, wearability, and prolonged cleanliness.

We have partnered exclusively with renowned retailer O-LENS for distribution in Korea - with more than 150 retail stores selling only fashion contact lenses, O-LENS is set to expand to over 200 O-LENS stores by the end of 2016.

The ROSEBERRY collection is available in South Korea in a Grey or Brown 2-week 6pc format with prescriptions ranging from plano to -8.00 PWR.

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Romantic Nostalgia
“I love the idea of living your fantasies, of dressing your fantasies. Your look should be entertaining and take you on that journey.” – Anna Sui