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Anna Sui 3Con 2-Week and 1-Month Silicone Hydrogel Contact Lenses

Part of the Sui Anna Sui Contact Lenses Collection for Anna Sui Vision

Featuring an artisanal three-tone blend of textured colours, ANNA SUI 3CON is a signature look for the truly modern woman - one with her own unique, expressive and personal attitude - a bit defiant, a bit romantic, a bit artistic.

Part of the collection launch of Anna's new contact lens line in South Korea, ANNA SUI 3CON is inspired by her whimsically feminine fashion lines, the lens patterns feature romantic rose motifs.

ANNA SUI 3CON is designed exclusively for South Korea and produced by a Korean FDA approved manufacturer, the exclusive ANNA SUI contact lens collection is manufactured using phosphorylcholine soft contact lens material that's hydrophilic and UV-protecting. The lens features a dual-layer coating processes and the most stringent internationally recognised quality-control methods, this premium cosmetic contact lens collection provides enhanced comfort, wearability, and prolonged cleanliness.

We have partnered exclusively with renowned retailer O-LENS for distribution in Korea - with more than 150 retail stores selling only fashion contact lenses, O-LENS is set to expand to over 200 O-LENS stores by the end of 2016.

The 3CON collection is available in 2-Week and 1-Month formats with prescriptions ranging from plano to -8.00 PWR and is available in South Korea.

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Boho Chic
“She’s someone that’s more downtown. There’s always this ambiguity about her, is she a good girl or a bad girl?” – Anna Sui